AC Ducting Dubai

AC Ducting Dubai

Duct AC Fabrication Dubai

Achieve sustained air conditioner cleanliness, temperature set point control and lower running and maintenance costs with Air Systems Duct Cleaning’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) cleaning services.

  • Air Systems Duct Cleaning’s air conditioner cleaning and mould remediation services keep your air con units internal components ductwork surfaces hygienically cleaner and free from recontamination from mould for longer.AC Service in Dubai

  • We offers kitchen exhaust & Ventilation Duct cleaning services. The complete kitchen exhaust duct systems in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and home are first scraped clean and then washed with food safe caustic chemicals and hot water pressure-washing is done so that to safely rinse away the residue. Chemicals are applied with either a garden type sprayer, downstream injection via pressure washer or with a chemical foamer.

  • Laundry duct cleaning The presence of lint, clothing fibres and dust within a laundry duct poses the potential risk of fire breaking out within the ventilation system.We undertaken the cleaning of laundry ducting
  • As with all cleaning requirements, the specific programme for any individual establishment can only properly be determined with an on-site inspection. Our specialists will do an initial inspection of your system to advise you on a programme designed for its needs and advise you on how to most cost-effectively manage the fire risk associated with your laundry system.
  • laundry cleaning services

  • We also offer indoor air quality testing inside the building structure. Since indoor air is far more polluted, your very inhalation of polluted indoor air can bring about breathing problems. We can test the air and then devise suitable measures.

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Annual Contracts

We do undertake annual contracts at very reasonable and competitive prices in the market. We provide vast and timely services in yearly maintenance contracts.AC Installation Dubai

We provide emergency services for break down in air conditioning systems. We cover all kind of spare parts and gas refilling, air filter cleaning on regular basis, air conditions unit inspection quarterly and unit servicing every six month including labor charges within the yearly maintenance contract.

We offer Yearly maintenance Contracts which are as follows:

  1. Without Spare Parts

This contract includes labor, service and gas charges but it don’t cover Sapir parts. In case of parts replacement client has to provide the parts or we shall provide the same at client’s cost. In this contract customer have to pay for compressors also.

  1. With Spare Parts

This contract includes spare parts, labor, services and gas charges. No extra expenses for the spare parts. Means customer don’t have to pay any extra money for anything. And this is the best for customers means nothing more to think about.Chiller Repair Dubai